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Effect Force™ connects you to a global workforce for all your micro-task needs.

Whether you need training data, sentiment analysis, or survey respondents, Force has you covered. Schedule your demo today and discover the possibilities.

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New Interface

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Identify certain inputs, and based on those, assign them to certain outputs.


Transcribe documents, audio, video files fast and accurately.


Recognise and understand image content on a pixel level.


Enrich data with information from various sources based on specific requirements.


Moderate videos, images, audio efficiently and accurately with Effect Force.

The best way to predict the future is by creating it

How does the Effect Force work


Set your objective

Whether your need text analysis, document transcription or image annotations: we got you covered.


Create task instructions

Our workers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.


Launch your campaign

Force projectmanager monitor and oversee the results of your campaign(s).


Receive results

Once the campaign is finished you'll receive a campaign report attached to the results.

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The goal is to turn data into new actions

Transform your data into an asset

The flood of data pouring into your business offers the potential to help you make more informed decisions and deliver more successful products and services. It also raises the risk of mishandling it and losing time to its management.

The challenge is to extract the hidden value of unstructured data and convert it to digital gold. This often requires labeling the data with human intelligence, because humans are simply better than computers at managing subjectivity, understanding intent and coping with ambiguity.

Our experience spans across a variety of industries. Learn more how your business can leverage high-quality, human-annotated datasets.

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Search Relevance

Provide better on-site search results to increase the user experience and conversion rates.

Enhanced Analytics

Build robust data analytics that deliver deeper insights into your customer’s behaviour.


Personalised recommendations help to create stronger user engagement and retention.

Improved Service

Train your virtual shopping assistant with high quality data to enhance your customer service.

Autonomous Vehicles

Assign meaning to a large volume of visual data to create safe self-driving cars.

Voice Recognition

Train your speech Interface with a large collection of speech data.

Predicting Behaviour

Advances in voice recognition and camera fidelity can track and anticipate driver’s emotional responses.

Predictive Analysis

Evaluate trends, anticipate outbreak, and forecast patient needs.

Advanced Underwriting

Use AI to build underwriting models based upon a wide variety of data.

Virtual Healthcare

Provide better service and excellent customer care with a virtual assistant.

Risk Management

Create sophisticated tools to spot potential AML and KYC threats.

Enhanced Services

Provide better service and excellent customer care with virtual assistants.

Revenue Generation

Create investment strategies by leveraging machine learning solutions.


Use social media monitoring, computer vision and data annotation extract information to aid with security threats.

National Emergencies

Respond immediately and coordinate directly using translation, voice recognition and text data collection.

Search Relevance

Provide better on-site search results to heighten the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Natural Language Processing

Train NLP models to get a greater understanding of human languages.


Personalised recommendations help to create stronger user engagement and retention.

Microtasking reinvented

We do it our way..

We injected microtasking with the Effect DNA. We’ve combined blockchain technology with the best UX-driven annotation tools to label data at scale. This is microtasking unleashed.

  • Fully Decentralized
  • No additional Fees
  • Quality Assured
  • Fully Managed
  • Custom API’s
  • Dedicated Support
  • Project Manager
  • Instant Payout

The power of the Force at a glance

Infusing microtasking with blockchain technology opens up new exciting possibilities.


Connect your business directly to a driven workforce via our API, define your tasks and curate a workforce that meets your needs.


Whether you need an extra 5 or 5000 helping hands our workforce helps you get your work done fast.


No additional transaction costs or requester fees. Everything that you pay goes straight into the pockets of the workers.

You want to leverage data?

UX-driven tools

time and attention is precious

Front-end development can improve data collection tremendously. If workers have bad tools the task will be boring and frustrating and will accumulate in low quality results. The more time, clicks and effort it requires to complete a single task the less efficient the result.

We challenged everything and relentlessly tested everything. Instead of presenting the workers with many labels and confusing dropdown menus, we broke the whole interaction down to simple decisions.

Task Categories

Workers can easily navigate through all tasks types


A clear overview of all available campaigns.

Campaign Specifics

Each campaign has requirements and incentives


Workers can change personal information and adjust settings