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Disruption for Good

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If we look at the world of developing and thus implementing disruptive technologies, we believe in the circular distribution of technology. Hence, we aim to develop tech for good – technology that supports transparency, equality and opportunity for as many people, organisations and businesses around the world.

Currently, a majority of the resources and talent in AI is controlled by a handful of powerful companies. The companies and governments that achieve breakthroughs in AI development will possess a tremendous competitive advantage. Decentralizing the development and distribution of AI capabilities pushes back against this undesirable concentration of power.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow

Blockchain technology has a huge potential to impact the world in almost every sector, and it is about time for more blockchain applications to take off. Decentralization, one of the core ideas of blockchain technology, can be used to improve many systems, including the advancement of A.I. technology. Developing and improving A.I. algorithms often requires high quality, human annotated data. Effect Force enables this process by taking large data sets that need to be structured and labelled, and sends these tasks to a global, decentralized workforce.

With Effect Force, our aim is to make this decentralized platform accessible to everyone. Effect Force can be used to alleviate poverty by providing people with an alternative way to make a living, as workers are paid in EFX tokens in exchange for performing tasks. The successful release of our private beta demonstrates the capacity of a globally distributed workforce to perform important human intelligence tasks (HITs).
Our vision for the implementation of Effect Force leans not only towards creating a fairer transaction between requester and worker, but also to showcase that disruptive technology can have a social impact as a result – giving work to all.
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