Private Beta News

By October 11, 2018 No Comments
The first stage of the Effect Force private beta consisted of over 200,000 images. This first batch of micro tasks asked workers to simply classify an image as a ‘selfie’, or ‘not a selfie’. Our requestor needs this human touch to train their A.I. algorithms to more accurately distinguish between selfies and non-selfies.

200,000 tasks completed in less than 48 hours

The workers were limited to submitting 500 tasks per day. Despite this limit, we were amazed to see how fast tasks were completed. The volume of tasks completed in such a short time completely exceeded our expectations and showcases the strength of our workers and the capacity of Effect Force. Furthermore, our workers provided us with useful feedback about Effect Force. Our development team is already hard at work implementing these improvements.

It’s really important to us that the usability and quality of Effect Force improves with each release. That’s why we will take the next few weeks to make these improvements, before releasing more images for our beta testers to work through.
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