24/7 Moderation
Switch on Force moderators, so you can switch off.
Brand Protection

Stay on top of incoming content and protect your brand and users.

Content Moderation

Eliminate all unnecessary and inappropriate content. Filter out inappropriate user-generated content on your social media or marketplace platform, to protect your users and brand reputation.

Time is Precious

Stop filtering content yourself. Focus your time on the things that really matter.

Fully Customizable

Create the exact workflow that fits your business process.

Improve your training data

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Moderate to Protect

There is a lot of clutter when you try to streamline your Moderation operations for better efficiency and transparency. There is a risk that you might lose the overview of the overwhelming influx of new content.

To handle the complex nature of user generated content you can use extra on-demand moderators. Your marketplace or social media platform is unique, so are your needs. Customize your Force workflow based upon your requirements.

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Data Moderation Examples


Protect your users against romance scams, pyramid schemes or fraudulent offers.


Keep your site family-friendly by rejecting inappropriate pictures or videos.


Improve user experience and avoid lawsuits by eliminating fake products from your site.

Illegal items

Comply with government regulations by removing illegal items like drugs, weapons or culturally sensitive content.

Cyber Bullying

Don’t lose users due to harassment of others. Stop targeted harassment, hate speech and social bullying.

Image Quality

Poor image quality is the reason why users leave sites. Remove stock photos and low-quality pictures.