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September Update

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Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.

Effect.AI has been all over the globe competing in several different areas to show the world who Effect.AI is and how our products can shape the future of AI. Along with the global expansion efforts, they are also on-boarding several new requesters and partners to use, develop and expand Effect Force, the first platform from Effect.AI.


  • Effect.AI wins a spot to represent the Netherlands in Las Vegas at CES 2019
  • Effect.AI wins 1 of 5 spots from the French Embassy to attend Erasmus-Descartes in Paris
  • Lobster.Media creates the first two algorithms from tasks preformed on Effect Force with a ~95% accuracy level
  • 480,000 new tasks coming to Effect Force from the Singapore government and our partners at Quadrant Protocol
  • Effect.AI feature aired on RTL, one of the largest Dutch TV networks
  • 5 Major requestors currently testing Effect Force
  • Chris wins MVM (Most Valuable Mentor) at a secret Hackathon in London


The development of the Effect Force is continuing steadily. Many requesters have approached us with a need for specific annotation features. This has resulted in several additions to the Effect Force application, including pixel annotation, map labeling, audio transcription and video annotation.

Some of the functionality will be rolled out over the coming week and will result in more diverse tasks on the platform. Besides new annotation tools, our team has been constantly improving the interface, performance and ecosystem of the Force while we progress towards our next big release. We are also very proud to announce that Tony (DevOps) has joined our development team!

There has been steady progress made by the Effect.AI development team. For a while they have been building new features and enhancements that will make the platform more versatile, usable and beautiful. Although most of this work is done silently in the shadows, waiting for the big reveal, here’s an exclusive sneak peak of what’s to come.

Gateway to the Force

It requires a lot of tasks to keep the workers on Effect Force occupied. A mission of the development team is to make the provisioning and management of tasks easy and accessible. For this reason we’re building an Requester API that allows requesters to interact with all features of the platform. Additionally, requesters can use the API to integrate their existing applications with Effect Force. In the coming months you can expect extensive documentation and integration examples.

A new look

The quality of feedback we received during the first stage of private beta has led to a brand new design of the worker interface. Many usability improvements will be added that make the application even more loveable than before. Release date TBA.

Blockchain improvements

As you probably know, there was some trouble on the NEO network last month. Luckily this made us add several improvements to our blockchain integration, that make the application more robust when we come out of private beta. The Effect Force is now able to process worker transactions at all times:

  • Transaction fees are added to prioritise them in blocks. The required GAS is provided by Effect.AI
  • Transactions are queued and relayed over time. This means your EFX will always arrive, even if a node goes down or transaction pools are full.


Lobster.Media improves two AI models with Force training data

“We successfully improved our Selfie Detector and People Tracker with the training data from Effect Force! We are very happy with the collaboration with Effect.AI. Their project managers ask excellent clarifying questions which resulted in a superior project result. I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

— Vladimir P. (Head R&D, Lobster.Media).


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