Convert all your information into structured digital format.

Customer Experience

Boost the user experience by eliminating the need to enter any data manually.

Data Transcription

Extract and transcribe key data from all kinds of documents, video or audio files based on your specific requirements. Add the extracted data to the right places via API in your application.

Time is precious

Stop labeling data yourself. Focus on the things that matter.

Fully customizable

Create the exact workflow that fits your project. If you need training data, we do it.

Improve your training data

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Transcription comes in many forms from digitising invoices to transcribing speech files. Besides transcribing audio and speech files Force allows you to create custom workflows for document transcriptions like: bills, invoices, medical records and more.

Since companies have become increasingly digital more and more are switching their services to the digital domain. While the idea of paperless offices is becoming a reality many parties are still using paper documents that are faxed, mailed or emailed to their customer. This requires manual handling that can be outsourced easily and cost-effectively to your Effect workforce.

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Transcription Examples

Transcribe Receipts

Extract and transcribe data from receipts based upon your specific needs.

Transcribe Insurance Claims

Extract and transcribe medical records efficiently and securely.

Transcribe Invoices

Reduce time spent on administration, transcribe your invoices by an on-demand workforce.

Transcribe Financial Statements

Extract and transcribe key information from financial statements.

Audio Transcription

Transcribe audio fast and precisely with our skilled workforce.

Video Transcription

Transcribe videos fast and accurately with our skilled workforce.